Welcome to Most Holy Trinity Catholic School and Academy! We are a Catholic elementary, Christ-centered, urban school helping prepare its students to proclaim the Good News and to translate Gospel values into action. The education received is important, both for the individual, in promoting the dignity of human life, and for society, in actively pursuing peace and justice. These skills and virtues are necessary for effective service to the community, and for the development of a well-balanced person. Therefore, as a faith community, our vision is to provide an atmosphere in which each child can develop intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, socially, and physically.

Trinity Tribune - Fall 2017 Edition

Trinity Tribune - Fall 2017 Edition

A Message from Principal Jessica Kilmade

At The Most Holy Trinity Catholic School and Academy students, families, faculty and staff often reference this phrase… ”progress is a process.” Whether we are discussing test scores, program enhancements, or just day-to-day interactions as children of God, the process in which to achieve and exceed expectations takes this positive and productive mindset. As we enter into another great year the continued progress of our community is witnessed in our overall growth, faith development, academic achievements, and community engagement. More than ever we are Proud to be MHT!

The 2017-2018 school year kicked off with Back-to-School Night with 141 friendly faces and 98 families, gathering in prayer and fellowship to meet the teachers, share a meal, and get ready for the first day of classes. MHT experienced an 88% retention of students and welcomed 45 new friends to begin the year. Additionally, 92% of faculty and staff returned, the majority for 3+ years, and were joined by fellow teachers Ms. Michelle Ehrhard (5th), Sr. Fran Dotta, SSND (Academy), and Mr. Cory Lampkin (Art teaching assistant). The MHT commitment to mission and long-term growth is evident in our strong reten-tion, positive family referrals, and community partners.

At Back to School night, students also learned about new elective classes added to our third through eighth grade schedule to enhance Performing Arts and Creative Expression classes such as Digital Music, Computer Design, Entrepreneurship, Improv and Theater, and many more. All students had the opportunity to sign up for enrichment classes like Robotics, Chess Club, Girls on the Run, Dance, Student Council, and CYC sports, providing them opportunities to explore their talents and develop their whole person. Most Holy Trinity continues to be blessed with outstanding community members committed to the holistic growth of each and every student, affording opportunities such as these by sharing their time and talent.

As the year has progressed, I am proud of the spiritual, academic and personal growth of each student and graduate, and am humbled by the commitment and zeal of the faculty and staff. With a true understanding of progress as a process, our community looks forward to the challenges and blessings that lie ahead and are truly grateful for the opportunity to be part of the MHT family.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.
God Bless,
Jessica Kilmade, Principal

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